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Alexander Wasserman, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Biographical Sketch

Alex is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the NRLC funded under the addiction T32 training grant.  Prior to joining the NRLC, Alex earned his PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  There, he studied adolescent risk behavior through the lens of the dual systems model and developed a strong passion for advanced quantitative methods, particularly with structural equation modeling (SEM) and growth curve modeling.  

Alex’s focus at the NRLC is with the ongoing longitudinal project that is following at-risk adolescents who have a parent diagnosed with substance use disorder.  He hopes to elucidate processes (e.g., stress, poor quality parent–child relationship) that may dampen cognitive control and/or increase reward sensitivity and subsequently increase the risk of developing addiction problems.  He also hopes to acquire expertise in neuroimaging techniques to better understand the developmental neurobiology of addiction during his training at the NRLC.

Research Interests

  • Risk behavior/substance use
  • Cognitive control and reward sensitivity
  • Parent–child relationship
  • Stress, sleep
  • Growth curve modeling, SEM


Year Degree Major Institution
2018 Ph.D. Psychology University of Nebraska – Lincoln
2015 M.A. Psychology University of Nebraska – Lincoln
2012 B.A. Psychology The Ohio State University


  • Exercise
  • Board/video games
  • Cooking
  • Podcasts

Presentations/Publications with the NRLC

  • The development of impulsivity and sensation seeking: Associations with substance use among at‐risk adolescents

    Wasserman, A.M., Mathias, C.W., Hill‐Kapturczak, N., Karns‐Wright, T.E. and Dougherty, D.M. (2020).

    Journal of Research on Adolescence, 30: 1051-1066 PubMed Icon