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Jessica Harrison, M.S.

Research Area Specialist Intermediate

Department of Psychiatry,

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Biographical Sketch

Jessica is a Research Area Specialist on a longitudinal study on impulsivity in adolescents with family histories of substance abuse.

Prior to working at the NRLC, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Culture and Contemplation in Education Lab at Portland State University. Research included studies on the development of self-regulation in children and adolescents, as well as on mental health and well-being in teachers. On these studies, Jessica carried out tasks related to collecting survey, behavioral, observational and physiological data. She was also project coordinator for the Empowering K through Third Grade Teachers Study, examining the impact of mindfulness-based programs on students and teachers.

Research Interests


Year Degree Major Institution
2014 M.S. Applied Psychology Portland State University, Portland, OR
2009 B.A Psychology University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN