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Thalia Rodriguez, M.S.

Research Area Specialist Associate

Division of Neurobehavioral Research, Department of Psychiatry

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Biographical Sketch

Thalia is a Research Area Specialist on a treatment study delivering an intervention designed to reduce alcohol use among adults with driving while intoxicated offenses.

Prior to working at the NRLC, she worked as a Research Area Specialist for two years on The Genetics of Brain Structure and Function, a research study based out of the Research Imaging Institute within the UT Health Science Center that investigated the genetic component of mental illnesses and their relation to brain structure and function within several family cohorts in the San Antonio area. On this project, she carried out the daily clinical tasks required of the study including collecting blood samples via venipuncture (for genomic testing), psychometric testing, and psychiatric evaluations. She was also research coordinator for the Genetics of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Derived Cardiovasular Phenotypes (Sub-study of San Antonio Family Eye Study) project, and research coordinator and recruiter for the Cognitive and Functional Connectivity Effects of Methylene Blue in Healthy Aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease (MB2 Study).

Besides contributing to research with the UT Health Science Center, Thalia has been working on her own research as a graduate student in the Criminal Justice and Criminology Masters of Science program. Her thesis project examines the moderating effects of internalizing behaviors, specifically anxiety and depression, on delinquent peer influences on subsequent delinquent behavior in a population of adolescents.

Thalia plans to continue contributing to the realm of research by obtaining her PhD in psychology in the future. Her research interests include developmental and life-course criminology, adolescent drug use and addiction, and mental illness in the juvenile delinquent population.

Research Interests


Year Degree Major Institution
2016 M.S. Criminal Justice & Criminology University of Texas San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
2012 B.A. Criminal Justice University of Texas San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
2012 B.A. Psychology University of Texas San Antonio, San Antonio, TX