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Tiffany Duffing, M.A.

Research Rotation on the NRLC projects Impulsivity and Biological Markers for Suicidality and Drug Use in Adolescents (R01-MH077684 Consequences of Adolescent Substance Use on Development of Impulse Control (R01-DA026868)

Biographical Sketch

Currently, Tiffany started working with the NRLC in a graduate research rotation focused on the project Impulsivity and Biological Markers for Suicidality and Drug Use in Adolescents (R01-MH077684). Since then she has continued examining predictors of substance use involvement on the project Consequences of Adolescent Substance Use on the Development of Impulse Control (R01-DA026868). Tiffany is receiving intensive training in human clinical research as part a research rotation from her program at Fielding Graduate University. Tiffany is a first year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA with a double concentration in Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychology. Upon graduation, Tiffany aspires to become a Licensed Psychologist in order to treat and assess military personnel, veterans, and their families.


Year Degree Major Institution
2010 M.A. Psychology Chapman University, Fort Lewis, WA
2005 B.A Criminology University of Tampa, Tampa, FL

Presentations/Publications with the NRLC

  • Predictors of initiation and age of onset of substance-use among at-risk adolescents.

    Duffing, T. M., Mathias, C. W., Acheson, A., Lake, S. L, Charles, N.E., Ryan, S. R., and Dougherty, D. M., (2014, January).

    Poster presented at the Fielding Graduate University's Clinical and Media Psychology Winter Poster Session.

  • Stress, substance abuse, and addiction

    Duffing, T. M., Greiner, S. G., Mathias, C. W., Dougherty, D. M. (2014).

    Current Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience, 18, 237-263. PubMed Icon

  • Aggression as a Predictor of Early Substance Use Initiation among Youth with Family Histories of Substance Use Disorders

    Mathias, C. W., Duffing, T. M., Acheson, A., Charles, N. E., Lake, S. L., Ryan, S. R., Liang, Y., and Dougherty, D. M. (2015).

    Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment, 14, 230-240. PubMed Icon PubMed Central - Free Full Text Icon