Summer 2015

Dr. Dougherty was selected to receive the 2014 UTHSCSA Distinguished Senior Research Scholar Presidential Award

The NRLC has received funding for 2 NIAAA projects focusing on biomarkers of alcohol misuse.

The NRLC received funding through the Department of Health & Human Services Regional Healthcare Partnership for an alcohol treatment program for adults with DWIs and a drug treatment program for youth with cannabis use disorder.

Photos from 2014 Presidential Distinguished Scholar Award ceremony.

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Neurobehavioral Research Laboratory and Clinic

The NRLC is a group of investigators who use a translational approach to research that incorporates areas of behavioral, biological, physiological, and clinical approaches.

The overriding purpose of the NRLC is to increase the understanding of the behavioral, biological, and physiological processes that lead to maladaptive behaviors such as impulsivity, suicide, fighting, alcohol, marijuana, and other drug abuse.

On this website, you can learn more about our treatment services, our research publications, the personnel of the NRLC, training opportunities, news, as well as learn more about the software that has been developed by the NRLC for research use.


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