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New Grants Awarded

  • Dr. Alexander Wasserman was appointed to the T32 Training in Drug Abuse Research: Behavior and Neurobiology (PI: Dr. Charles France)

  • Latisha Swygert (University of Southern Mississippi) was funded through the National Institute on Drug Abuse Summer Research Internship Program to obtain training on the project Consequences of Adolescent Substance Use on the Development of Impulse Control (R01-DA026868-07S1).

Meetings & Presentations

Research Society on Alcoholism, 2018 San Diego

  • Dr. Dougherty - chaired the symposia Alcohol Impaired Drivers Characteristics and Interventions.

  • Dr. Moon - presented on Contrasting Three Models of Social Support in Motivating Reductions in Drinking among DWI Offenders

  • Dr. Wright – presented on Alcohol Impaired Drivers Characteristics and Interventions,

  • Dr. Mathias presented on Adapting alcohol monitoring procedures from evidentiary to treatment applications.

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